Rust C Compiler
During my winter vacation, I decided to start following along with Nora Sandler's Write a C Compiler.
I've been interested in compilers for a long time, but besides making small esolangs and partial parsers for existing scripting languages, I've never sat down to build a compiler for a real language end-to-end.
I think Rust is a great language to author a compiler in, and it's great practice for developing my intuition with the platform too!
You can check out my progress so far, currently up to the end of part one, on GitHub.
Since the repository won't ever be a useful project, it exists solely as reference code, whether for other people following along with the series or just for those curious about Rust or compilers.
New site!
I built a fancy new site with some fun technology:
  • Node.js
  • Nginx as a reverse proxy
  • React server-side rendering
I had been exceedingly frustrated waiting for GitHub Pages to support TLS for custom domains. Having a nice CDN with very little setup is nice, but HTTPS is becoming more and more of a hard requirement.
All-in-all, I'm impressed with the server-side performance of React 16, and having zero-latency page transitions is rad.
The development experience using React and my own templates is also significantly better than Jekyll. I gain hot-reloading and a lot of flexibility in how I construct my pages.
The price I pay for this is much more setup and maintenance, as well as hosting costs. I'm confident; we'll see if it pays off.