I spent 3 years at Univision Computers building applications for local companies. Most of the work was done in PHP, C#, and Node.js. Notable projects included utilities for AutoTask cleanup and an automatic notification and call routing system for a large sporting goods franchise.

I worked for two years at Gecko Designs doing things like deploying Jira, creating a build infrastructure, and getting the team to use TypeScript.

Since Feburary, 2017, I’ve worked for Roblox in the San Francisco bay area. It’s pretty neat getting to work on the platform that got me started as a programmer.

Personal Projects

Most of my personal development time is spent with Lua and Rust. My first love of a language was Lua, especially LuaJIT, which still has the best C FFI around.

I have some opinions about languages and systems design – if you ask me, I’ll tell you more about them, but in short, I think:

I like building games, but I haven’t put as much time into building them as I’d like to. I found LÖVE in 2012 and built several small games with it before I drifted into building libraries for streaming microphone access and easy HTTPS requests.

Since then, I’ve built a couple game engine foundations in LuaJIT, a plugin or two for PostCSS, and contributed to some projecs like Node.js and TypeScript.

Not-Programming Things

PC is my platform of choice for gaming, and I own more Steam games than I probably should. I’m a fan of 4X, shooters, and driving games.

Every Friday, I play Magic: the Gathering at my local game store. Usually, I’ll bring a janky homebrew deck.

I speedcube off and on, and my current 3-layer record is around 18 seconds. I also type competitively, with a best race of 184 WPM on TypeRacer.