What's Up (#8)


I’m presently sitting in my hotel room for PAX West after a long day.

What’s Up?

  • Started a new site, Horrible Software
  • Dove into Rust
  • Went to the Portland Magic Grand Prix
  • PAX West!

New Site

I started a new site dedicated to talking about strange (and sometimes poor) software design decisions. The name is inspired a bit by Jeff Atwood’s Coding Horror, which I’ve always looked up to.


I’ve been watching the Rust project for awhile now, but I hadn’t taken a deep dive into it until the last couple weeks. I’m writing a detailed writeup on my first impressions of the language and its ecosystem, which should be up soon.

Grand Prix

I took Naya Collected Company Allies to the Grand Prix, attending with just a few other people from Missoula. The deck performed remarkably well, especially in would-be board stalls.

I made it into the last round at 5-3, one win away from qualifying for day two, but lost. Oh well!

PAX West

PAX is an incredible event! I’ve been roaming around the expo halls, trying games and talking to developers about their processes and tools.

So far, I’ve had some great conversations on topics from engine design to network scaling to pain points with specific libraries and tools. Most of the indie developers seem to be targeting Unity this year, which isn’t all that surprising.

What’s Next

Two more days of PAX!