What's Up (#7)

I’m alive and around.

What’s Up?

  • Got better at pinball
  • Got back into Magic: The Gathering
  • Renamed Basis to guh
  • Released some SCSS libraries:
    • node-sass-glob-once
    • postcss-sassy-import
  • Moved into a new apartment


I’m the only human on the leaderboards on the local Transformers pinball machine, and I’ve been logging some scores on Pinside. I also picked up some tables on Pinball Arcade, like Earthshaker and Star Trek: Next Generation, neither of which are available locally. It’s a ton of fun!


I started playing standard again just in time for rotation, and for the past couple months I’ve been playing a homebrew take on Mardu Midrange. It uses some new Oath of the Gatewatch tech like Captain’s Claws and Goblin Dark-Dwellers paired with a Butcher of the Horde endgame. It does relatively well, but rotation won’t be very kind to it.

My plan is to build a red-white ally equipment deck for post-rotation standard, but early testing in current local standard meta isn’t turning out very well.

If standard doesn’t pan out, I built a proxied legacy Stasis deck that can suck the fun out of any room!

Basis -> guh

Basis (or basis-gen) wasn’t a very good name to be found with. However, a three letter name seems like it could be a good idea, espcially in the age of -ify libraries and clunky made-up words.

The guh generator’s primary command, guh new also has the advantage of sounding like the correct pronunciation of GNU, so that’s pretty cool.

I switched the system fully from Ruby Sass to libsass and PostCSS, with a fair bit of custom glue to make everything work nicely together. It’s also made its way into the build system over at the office, with the internal release of Skeleton 3.0: Skeleguh.


Sass (especially the SCSS syntax) is pretty cool. I’ve used it a ton and I adore the power it gives, and though I’m considering moving away to LESS or pure PostCSS plugins, I still love it enough to push out some plugins for it.

node-sass-glob-once is a node-sass import plugin that provides globbed imports (like the ruby-sass-globbing gem) while also keeping single import, so you can have dependencies declared explicitly with no downside!

postcss-sassy-import is a PostCSS plugin that implements the same functionality as node-sass-glob-once, but at a higher level. It isn’t tied to Sass, and though it tries to emulate much of that functionality, it’s significantly more powerful.

I had a lot of fun learning the PostCSS API and it seems like a fantastic idea. The ease of building a new PostCSS plugin could replace the control structures Sass offers with straightforward JS.


Moving isn’t any fun, but I’ve been doing it for the past month or so. I now live in a tiny apartment near a university and a card shop, so that’s pretty cool.

What’s Next

I’d like to get out of the prerelease stage for guh and stabilize everything a touch more. The configuration format is probably stable, as is a lot of other stuff, but it’s lacking code documentation and defined conventions.

I finally got to play Space Engineers for the first time since planets were added, and it seems like it’s gotten harder to actually survive. Cyber dogs, the lack of uranium, and gravity all make life harder, but definitely more interesting.