What's Up (#6)

What an exciting start to the year!

What’s Up?


I’ve been chasing a bug involving too many callbacks with the LuaJIT FFI for some time. I figured this 2.3.0 release would fix that, but it didn’t, ugh!


I made Basis significantly more stable and migrated from Ruby Sass to libsass and css-minify to cssnano. Basis 2.0 now the build system in three projects at work, but a fork of Basis 0.x is still the most widely deployed.

Basis is also now published at npm under basis-gen, but I think a better name might be in order, like mungulate.

Gotta Go Fast

Gotta Go Fast is a small command line utility that creates Sublime Text 3 project files and LICENSE.md files. It does nothing more, and solves a need I found at least. It’s published on npm.

Project Design Documents

I started a repository to keep track of all the stub repositories I seem to keep accumulating and deleting. It’ll serve as a central place to develop specifications for the projects I’m planning before I ever hit code. Hopefully, that’ll result in better libraries and fewer redesigns!


I’ve been making some good progress on the designs behind Armature. It has a repository (that’s presently a stub) and I’ve been developing it in tandem with Praxis.


Hexagons are pretty cool, and turn-based tactical boardgames are also cool. I’ve been planning a game built around them called Praxis. If you’re reading this some time soon after this was posted, you can probably catch a networking/rendering test here.

Let’s Encrypt

Let’s Encrypt was incredibly easy to set up on my test server! I’m incredibly excited about the idea of more accessible encryption and TLS-by-default everywhere. That being said, GitHub pages still doesn’t have HTTPS support.

CoreOS and Docker

CoreOS is a fantastic tiny Linux distribution dedicated to running containers. Docker, of course, is the coolest container layer over LXC around, and I’m growing quite fond of it.

I haven’t yet embraced it for development work since I work on a Windows machine at home and an OS X machine at work, but it’s great for making sure production environments are sane. It lets me spin up a clean copy of an environment with my application, which I very much appreciate.

New phone!

Just today, my new phone came in, a Nexus 6P. It’s got a Brobdingnagian 5.7” screen and a lot of grunt, and it’s a huge step up from my old Droid Razr M. I’m enjoying Android 6.0, finger print scanning, and Android Pay the most.

Video games!

I got back into Kerbal Space Program. I’m not sure I’m that big of a fan of career mode anymore; while grinding contracts yields some sort of purpose in the game, it hampers the idea of science. Maybe that’s what real space programs have to deal with too.

Witcher 3 finally made its way into my game library, and my girlfriend has already managed to rack up 60 (!) hours in just one week.


The pizza place next to the office got an X-Files pinball machine, and it’s pretty great. That trampolined into playing a Transformers (Pro Edition) pinball machine, mostly in two-player mode with my girlfriend! I’ve been scouting out locations near the office for more pinball machines, and I located a Walking Dead machine so far.

What’s Next

I forsee lots more work on Praxis, Armature, and Basis.

I also forsee more progress learning my OLL and PLL 3-layer cube algorithms, and hopefully some higher pinball scores and more replays.