What's Up (#5)

What a quick turnaround!

What’s Up?

  • Started Basis 2.0.0 somewhat stable
  • Fixed my relationship with Express
  • Fiddled with Atom
  • Finished Fallout 4
  • Found some good music!

Basis 2.0.0

Basis 2 is a big change over 1.x! LiveReload has been dropped in favor of Browsersync, the build system is now modular, and the config file is a lot more flexible.

I’ve integrated it into exactly one production project and it has performed well. There are a couple features missing from 1.2 and some other tasks to finish up before release, but the platform is stable again!

I’d like to migrate the system over to libsass instead of Ruby Sass for speed and the wider variety of plugins available. There are some open issues left on the project and it’s not yet clear to me how the port stands on feature parity. I have high hopes!


Express is pretty darn straightforward to use, and I wish I hadn’t written it off around a year ago. Coupled with the Fetch API and copious amounts of ES6, it’s incredible how powerful tiny applications can be!


The days of Sublime Text being my primary text editor may be coming to a close. It’s been a good few years, but the flexibility of Atom and its slow march towards stability are too darn appealing.

Fallout 4

I put around 65 hours into my character and just wrapped up the main story. I had a tough time picking a side to stand for.

My big gripe with the game is the lack of a true ‘evil’ faction I stand alongside. There isn’t a faction like New Vegas’ Caesar’s Legion that wants to enslave or murder all of mankind.

It’s not that I want to take that path with my character, but having every faction in the game (save the Minutemen) exist in some moral gray zone makes it seem less plausible that my character would take such a strong and murderous stance on matters.


Grouplove is a pretty fantastic band, and The Weepies, Passenger, and Blind Pilot are pretty good too. They’ve been my primary listening material for a couple weeks now.

You can check out my ‘Earsmash’ playlist to see the new songs I’m blasting into my ears.

What’s Next

I’ll be cutting a Basis 2.0 release soon!

I have a much less ambitious game project in the design phase that I should be able to prototype within a week, assuming I don’t run into technical difficulties.

Sometime after the new year I have a series of development tools planned, like an asynchronous build server, a system dashboard, and a few JS microframeworks.