What's Up (#4)

Wow! Four of these posts now!

Thanksgiving happened, and I had a very pleasant trip out west to Seattle, WA.

What’s Up?

  • Started work on Octopus
  • Released version 1.2.0 of basis
  • I got back into speedcubing!


Octopus is a data binding and model system based around having only a single copy of a record around at once. This has all sorts of implications, the most useful being that data change events are incredibly easy to signal. It’s intended for multiple web components to listen for a model’s changes that will propagate from a single source.


I pushed a small update to Basis that allows selection of specific components to rebuild. The build system is turning into a bit of a mess, so I might try to refactor out the code to reduce dependencies.


Speedcubing is the challenge of solving Rubik’s cubes as quickly as possible. I’ve been solving cubes off and on for two years, mostly through 4LLL-level CFOP method. Hearing about the latest 3-layer record of 4.90s by Lucas Etter has put me back in gear to practice!

What’s Next

It’s time to relax! My past week has been filled with travel, so it’s time to slow down and catch up on Fallout 4 and maybe a touch of Kerbal Space Program.