What's Up (#3)

I haven’t been up to much!

What’s Up?


Basis is now 1.x! This means it’s mostly stable and build configuration files will mostly work in the future.


This library mainly handles vectors, rotations, and matrices. It requires typed arrays, and I provide no fallback because it’s used for WebGL. It avoids allocations like the plague!


Matchmaker provides a frontend to LÖVE to ensure the proper runtime is loaded for a game. matchmaker game.love will automatically pick the correct installed binary, unlike love game.love.


I’ve been slowly working on a VCPU specification called Zarkov for a hypothetical space game. It’s slow going, and I’ve never done this. It’s a super interesting project to work through and prototype.

What’s Next

I played The Beginner’s Guide, which got me inspired to work on some game prototypes. I’m going to use them to mess around with WebGL without getting too attached to a codebase like I tend to do.

I’m also collaborating as an engine technician on a yet-unannounced browser-based creature game prototype. It could be interesting!

I learned about the 3REE stack which got me thinking more about data-driven, action-driven, and event-driven programming. There are a lot of practical concepts there, but I’m not quite a believer in React or RethinkDB yet. I might spend a weekend messing with the stack to see how it handles.

This website really needs a redesign!