What's Up (#2)

Well, it was certainly more than a week!

What’s Up?

Since the last update, I’ve done some things:

  • Released base web project, “basis” to replace SuperStack
  • Started a new browser game project based on cables and computers
  • Submitted a tiny Node.js patch (accepted!)
  • Started the Ansberry smarthouse project’s planning
  • Started giving developer training presentations, located here


Basis is a neat build tool foundation targeted at applications with server and client code, static assets, and Sass styling. It’s flexible, and I’m already using it in ton of places.

Browser Game

I’ve been planning out a small browser game to test out WebGL, WebSockets, WebWorkers, and a couple other technologies. It involves space, cable management, and 1985-era computing.

More than anything, it’s a prototype for a potential larger work.

Node.js Patch

I submitted two lines to fix a Windows 10 manifest issue. Wow!


Ansberry is going to be yet another standard for Internet of Things devices to communicate. I’ve wanted to build something like Ansberry for a very long time, and I feel that the technology to do it might be there.

What’s Next?

My main focuses are iterating on Basis and my unannounced browser game I think. SedimentJS might be useful for hosting some parts of the game, so I might take some time to start that up.

I’d like to start working on a customizable dashboard overview of a bunch of data, partly because it sounds awesome and partly because we need one at work.

I’m also about ready to plan my microservices communications protocol, with features like batch requests, asynchronous notifications, and cross-ervice task chaining. I’ll be using it in Ansberry as well as at the office hopefully.