What's Up (#1)

I’ve been stalling in the past couple weeks on several projects. Things like Kerbal Space Program, Terraria 1.3, and work have been sucking up all my time!

I’d like to start posting weekly with updates as to what I’ve been working on; they’ll be called “What’s Up,” or something like that. So, without further ado…

What’s Up?

Recently, I released Carbon 1.2.0, which featured quite a few pieces of cleanup. It wasn’t as feature complete as I would’ve liked, but I needed to push something out the door to prevent release stagnation on the project, a problem I’ve had before.

I plowed through most of Terraria 1.3, including expert mode, and I’ve started a new hardcore Kerbal Space Program career using TAC Life Support, Kerbal Construction Time, and no reverts. It has been intense to say the least.

I’ve also picked up EVE Online, slowly but surely. I think it’ll take some time to get used to, but I’m enjoying it so far.

What’s Next?

I’ve got a big pile of things I’d like to get done soon:

PJVG Draft 4

I’ve built up to PJVG draft 3 in the specifications, and implemented up to around draft 2. I’d like to continue the project, it’s been useful already!

Callisto 1.0

Callisto 1.0 still hasn’t been finalized for 1.0, which will be important for the next Carbon release.

Carbon 1.3/2.0

There are some potentially breaking changes for Carbon 2.0 that look like they’ll be extremely beneficial.

SedimentJS Prototype 1

SedimentJS is a project I’ve been talking about locally for awhile as a CMS and MVC development framework full of layers, targeted at WordPress refugees. It’ll probably be written in TypeScript or ES6+Flow and shape the next step of my application template, SuperStack.

UE4 Project (NA)

I’m working on a tiny RPG to learn Unreal Engine 4 tentatively called NA, pNA, or N/A. I don’t know anything about it yet either!

I’ll hopefully report back next week, see you then.